Whispers of Love and Life

Journey through succinct expressions that encapsulate the beauty of emotions and the essence of existence, inviting you to explore the intricacies of love and the tapestry of life.

A wounded heart

Nobody can heal the wounded heart better except for the person holding it!

Travelling somewhere

Can I travel somewhere where no one can find me? Living solely for my soul, allowing it to replenish To see this wonderful world with all of its splendor once more!


Hello, my Sakura! You are a moonbeam who helps me to sparkle in all tough times where YOU - my bedazzling sparkler!


Hey Morning! Sky welcomes you by breaking dawn! Birds welcome you with their cheerful chirps! Plants welcome you with their blooming buds! Flowers welcome you with their refreshing aroma! And I welcome you with a warm smile to Cherish my day and with a hopeful heart to See you tomorrow!!!

My sugar-pie

Hey, my Yum Yum! You are a sugar puff who helps me to overcome all my bitter thoughts tastefully where YOU - a treasure trove to be tasted profoundly!


Let us live with love Love with lust and Replenish the US altogether every moment In this beautiful journey of ours!

My star

You always glitter like a star to brighten me up and your presence makes others lackluster in my life!


When everybody's chit-chat and laughter makes your solitude more burning Remember, one day you are gonna roar like a lion and force them to silence.

My Treasure

My Schatz! You are a quarterback to all my dreams where YOU - my fervorous DREAM!


I cried for you to be with me and now I smile at you being with me! From wishing may all your dreams come true To want all our dreams to happen!


Misunderstanding between people a bliss! if the thought of missing you forever fears them and makes them feel weak. a hex! if your absence incites them to diss you to the third person.


Just dreaming is not enough! Should struggle a lot to taste your dream Have your dream in such a way where people should get jealous by seeing the way you taste your dream, then should make your journey their dream!


Laughing like nuts to the underrated jokes Discussing highly sensitive shits Creeping of secret between 3 souls Building trust by our late night bed talks Undoubtedly, we the best roomies Feeling awful for the ending year still jammy for our endless memories!


You look into my soul thro' my eyes That look is enough to make me fall for you!!


Move towards fame but Never towards flattery.


Blindly a girl will not trust a boy but Blindly a girl will obey his words Once she trusts him!


Kindle your thoughts, you’ll be mind-blowing Stir up your heart, you’ll explore yourself Enlarge your vision, you’ll discover new in you Have fun, laugh out loud, go crazy C’mon, this age is never gonna come back!