I’m Kaviya Kumar - a curious student on a data-driven journey.

Fuelled by a lifelong passion for leadership and administration, instilled by my father's aspirations for me, I embarked on a journey to excel in the Indian civil services. While my childhood was adorned with dreams of space exploration and the joy of playing music, my focus gradually shifted towards preparing for the challenging civil services exam.

With determination and perseverance, I dedicated myself to the pursuit of a career in public administration. Though I encountered setbacks along the way, I embraced these experiences as valuable lessons that further strengthened my resolve.

I'm a student diving deep into data analytics, getting the hang of tech like SQL, Python, and showing data visually. Once I'm through with my studies, my aim is to land a gig as a Data Analyst. I'm all about turning data into useful insights and can't wait to bring my skills to the real world!

Stick around as I share my journey in this space.