Career Change: How I Fell in Love with JavaScript and React

The Challenge

After completing my studies in data analytics, I was eager to dive into the field. I spent countless hours learning and mastering various tools and techniques, even creating a website to share my insights through blog posts. Despite all my efforts, I faced a tough reality: job opportunities for data analysts were limited, and I struggled to land a position.

Discovering JavaScript

Determined not to give up, I started exploring other areas of tech. This led me to JavaScript, the language that powers the web. As I started learning JavaScript, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed it. Creating interactive and dynamic web pages was fascinating, and I found myself spending more and more time coding.

Falling in Love with React

With a solid foundation in JavaScript, I took the next step and began learning React, a powerful library for building user interfaces. The journey was challenging but incredibly rewarding. Each day brought new learning experiences, and I was thrilled by the possibilities that React opened up for me.


To keep myself motivated and accountable, I joined the #100DaysOfCode challenge, committing to coding every day and sharing my progress on Twitter. This community has been incredibly supportive and inspiring, pushing me to keep going even when things get tough. Through this challenge, I've built projects, solved problems, and continuously improved my skills.

Reflecting on the Journey

Looking back, my transition from data analytics to web development has been an exciting and fulfilling journey. While the initial lack of job opportunities was disheartening, it led me to discover a new passion that I might not have found otherwise. I'm grateful for the challenges I've faced, as they've made me a more resilient and versatile developer.

Looking Ahead

As I continue to learn and grow as a web developer, I'm excited about the future. I'm open to new opportunities and eager to contribute to projects that make a difference. If you're looking for a passionate React developer or just want to connect, feel free to reach out!

I hope it inspires you to embrace change and pursue your passions, no matter where they may lead.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or would like to connect, please reach out. You can follow my #100DaysOfCode progress on Twitter and see what I'm working on next.